Beer Battered Fish by Ian Orr


4 fillets of Cod
225g self-raising flour (plus extra for dusting)
300ml beer or sparkling water
200ml mayonnaise
1 lemon zest and juice
200g frozen peas
1 teaspoon mint sauce (or fresh mint)
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar


Pre heat a fryer to 180oc

To make the batter add the flour to a bowl, pour in the beer and whisk . You want the Batter to look like double cream (this batter will keep for a couple of days in fridge).

Now dust the cod with a little extra flour and season with salt and pepper.  Dip the fish into the batter and slowly place in the fryer. Cook for about 2 mins each until the batter is nice and crispy, take the fish out of the fryer and drain on some Kitchen paper.

Mix the lemon juice and zest with the mayonnaise. Heat the peas with the mint sauce, add the vinegar and season.

Serve with chips or fries.

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