Browns Bonds Hill Vegan Fine Dining – Named Top 10 in UK


We are honoured to be the only restaurant in Northern Ireland to be named among the top 10 best restaurants in the UK for vegan fine dining by PETA, the charity dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals.

We’ve been chosen by PETA as one of its top 10 perfect places where vegans most luxurious vegan food dreams come true as, not only does eating vegan open up a whole new world of flavours, says the charity, but it saves lives, protects the planet and has health benefits.

And we’ve been visited recently by some vegan bloggers who can testify to this accolade.

American blogger Ashley, A Southern Gypsy, said “it was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.” And she noted that “almost everything can be veganized which is amazing.”

Describing the canapes, Ashley says: “a gin and tonic aquafaba marshmallow.  Let me repeat that for you…a gin and tonic marshmallow made out of the magical stuff called aquafaba. The other was a beet & broccoli meringue which, I know, sounds a bit weird, right? It’s not. It’s delightful. The way that Chef Ian takes regular ole vegetables and turns it into something as fancy and beautiful as this is literally an art.” Following her main course of wild mushroom ravioli – as she finds it difficult to find vegan ravioli – Ashley opted for “the final course and the best course? Dessert. I decided to go with the ‘Black Forest’ which consisted of a cherry sorbet, marinated cherries, and a dark chocolate ganache.”

Our Chef Patron, Ian Orr, said: “Preparing our vegan menu was a really exciting challenge. In the past year or so we’ve seen a real increase in demand for vegetarian and vegan dishes and at Browns Bonds Hill we love a challenge, so our head chef Phelim O’Hagan and I were determined we weren’t going to shy away from preparing a full vegan menu. We enjoyed getting our creative juices flowing when constructing various courses to provide our vegan diners with a mouth-wateringly exotic and unforgettable menu. This recognition by PETA among some of the best vegan fine dining offerings in the UK proves we’ve got it right.”

Another world travelling blogger, Lauren, said: “While finding vegan food is becoming less and less of an issue as I travel the world, I must admit that finding a vegan fine dining option can be a challenge. Many upscale dining chefs don’t seem interested in developing vegan or vegetarian meals. What is taught at culinary school is very meat-centric. Meat is the main feature, and everything else is constructed around that piece of protein.”

She was not disappointed with our offering however and was impressed by our chef Ian standing up to the challenge of creating what she describes as “delicious food purely from plants” adding: “I was wildly impressed with the offerings at Browns” and said that the creativity was “not like anything I’ve encountered at a restaurant”.

Sampling the black forest dessert, Lauren’s verdict was divine! She said: “The black forest combined dark chocolate ganache, marinated cherries, and a tart sorbet. The chocolate melted in my mouth, and the sweetness of the fruit balanced the richness of the chocolate. It was divine.”

We offer an early bird vegan menu which includes a starter of wild mushroom arancini, a choice of exquisite main courses including spiced carrot falafel and dessert to die for of Champagne rhubarb, blood orange sorbet and honeycomb. The early bird menu is priced at £21 for two courses or £25 for three courses.

The vegan tasting menu which must be booked in advance is priced at £40 (excluding wine) or £70 with wine for seven sumptuous courses. Each dish is innovatively prepared with the freshest of in season produce sourced locally from across Northern Ireland, so, as you can appreciate can be subject to change.


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